More energy. More self-love.

Make an impact by putting yourself FIRST.

It all starts with you.

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I’m Marinka.

I’m here to help you feel better, to feel energized, to love yourself fully and to make an impact in the world. All by putting yourself first. 

It’s time to stop hustling, let go of insecurities and start living your best life, all while inspiring and serving countless others from your heart.

I look forward to helping you discover that place of magic within you, where you feel loving, authentic, free and inspired – a state of flow. I will help you connect to your energy, adjust your mindset and use practical tools to design your own best life from there.

Work with me

You know you are able to do great things, you’re smart and resourceful. Yet you may also be feeling tired, uninspired and overwhelmed, unsure of what step to take next. I understand how difficult this is and I love coaching and guiding you back to your own unique self, to a place in life that serves you, from which you can serve others. I offer individual coaching in English or in Dutch.

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