I’m dedicated to help you love yourself without holding back and in making an impact in the world without losing yourself in the process.

I want to make the world a better place; a place filled with love where people thrive. That’s why I love working with people who are looking for more self-love in an overwhelming world. People who know, deep down, things can be different and that they can feel better. Maybe you’re even in the process of pursuing your mission but struggling to find balance and to take care of YOU.

I can help you change your perspective so you can take care of yourself first and create even bigger results.

Even as a kid, I’ve had the feeling there was more to life. As an empath and highly sensitve person, I often looked at things in an other way, a way that was so logical to me. I didn’t understand why people weren’t doing things in a way that supported them, why they did things that did not feel good at all.

After deciding ‘I must be wrong and since I’m so different, I need to prove myself’, I got caught up in a rat race of working hard, never resting, never taking care of myself. Yes, I did well in high school and I became a national champion in swimming. All seemed well on the outside.

Until my body completely collapsed at age 16. Chronic fatigue, unable to do anything at all. It felt like there was nothing left of who I thought I was, of the person I saw as me

Through the process of recovery, I discovered I’d always been living my life the way I thought I should. That wasn’t me. The life I had been living wasn’t mine and it most certainly did not serve me.

The more I started connecting with my true self, the better I felt. I started choosing the things that made me feel good. I started to take care of my body in a way that felt good and, most of all, I started thinking thoughts that felt amazing.

To say this changed my life is an understatement.

I quit my job. I started a blog which I turned into a 6-figure business, I wrote and self-published 7 cookbooks, selling over 18.000 copies.

How? By changing my perspective and putting myself first. By being guided, by trusting on my instincts and knowledge at the same time, by always opening myself up for another possibility – one that might feel better.

I’m here to support you in your process, I’m here to serve. Your purpose matters, your mission is amazing, yet it cannot exist without YOU. You’re here to enjoy life while living your purpose, you’re here to feel absolutely amazing. I can help you in making the connection between serving others and serving yourself.

Some personal facts:

  • I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I’m still living there in a quiet village, surrounded by nature.
  • My husband and I met during a strength and conditioning workout in 2011 and we got married in 2017. He’s the one who introduced me to camping and hiking in the mountains and I’ve been loving that ever since.
  • The West of the USA is my favorite travel destination, along with the Swiss Alps.
  • Our son is called Skip and he was born in 2018.

Feel like connecting?

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