You’re not the kind of person who wants to be busy all the time

After all, you know you can do great things but don’t believe fulfilling that purpose should come with suffering, depletion, exhaustion.. You want to serve people with your unique gifts. You want to make an impact. Yet you’re not really into that work hard burn out kind of thing because you may have tried and tested that already and you definitely did not enjoy it.

Therefore, you know it’s important to prioritize.

You know you are the person who controls your agenda, since you’re the owner of your very own life. Then why do you feel like your agenda is magically being filled with all kinds of appointments and meetings that you just don’t want to go to?

In this three-step plan I’m going to help you decide which appointments are important, which ones are not and how to make them work for your schedule. The steps are 1. Prioritize, 2. Compartmentalize and 3. Cancel. It’s simple and doable, and it will free up a ton of time in your agenda to spend on important projects.

Please note: Self care, taking a long bath, going for a long walk or drinking tea with friends also counts as an important project – YOU are the most important project you can work on if you want to thrive in life.

So, bring out your agenda and let’s do this! 

1. Prioritize

Start by looking at your appointments. Which ones are absolutely VITAL? Those are the ones you want to keep, no matter what.

What appointments are unnecessary? You know the ones I’m talking about. The appointments that simply don’t help you forward, the ones you dread going to because you don’t see the point, the ones that absolutely do not spark any joy whatsoever.

What’s left are the ‘grey area’ appointments. You’re not quite sure if they should happen, they might be beneficial but they might as well be not.

Ask yourself: am I doing this because I enjoy it, or do I feel obliged to go to this appointment out of some kind of fear (if I don’t go they won’t like me, I’m expected to be there, I might miss out on something, etc.)?

If you enjoy it; great! Go there, if you can spare the time of course.

Are you a business owner? Always wonder whether you would enjoy a meeting if only you’d get paid to go there. You know, when someone you don’t even know that well just wants to ‘grab a cup of coffee’, but then they end up picking your brain and you feel like you’re coaching them. That’s when you can name your price next time someone asks. Sure, you can meet with them, but it’s going to cost them something to make it worth your time.

Not sure whether it would work or not? That’s ok! You can absolutely learn from these and use them to develop your gut feeling about these kinds of situations. Maybe you can switch to a phone call instead of a real-life meeting – that will easily save you an hour of time you would otherwise spend getting dressed, travelling, parking, etc.

2. Compartmentalize

My motto is this: if people want to meet with me, they need to take my agenda into account.

Selfish? Not at all. I’m giving away my valuable time (with love) and while I definitely am flexible, I simply won’t make an appointment at a time that doesn’t suit me.

That’s where compartmentalizing comes in. Pick certain times in the week during which you can go to appointments. Perhaps you don’t enjoy Mondays to work on an important project, or maybe Wednesdays or Fridays are the days you’re less productive.

Those are the days that are PERFECT for appointments. At best, they leave you feeling inspired. At their worst, well, at least you weren’t going to work on that project anyway so you didn’t really waste time. 

3. Cancel

If you were waiting for permission from someone, here it is: you can cancel appointments you do not want to go to without feeling guilty.

There, I said it. I’ve done it countless times and felt a little guilty at first, but it gets a lot easier over time (I’m now at the point where I can trust my gut whether I should even make the appointment or not).

Some appointments simply aren’t valuable for you or your business and you don’t have to go to those. You get to decide, since you’re the bosslady, remember 😉

Still having some guilt creep up? Well, would you want someone to dread meeting with you and not give their best when you were really hoping to get some amazing insights? Me neither.

These steps have been so valuable for me to stay productive, enjoy life and build my business without burning myself out. Prioritize, compartmentalize, cancel. It’s as easy as that.

How do you handle making appointments, or what do you struggle with? Let me know in the comments below.


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